DUNS LS Gathered Dress - Tomato Pale Yellow

This is a long sleeved twirly dress, in a pale yellow, green and red coloured palette.

£26.00 £20.00



DUNS Long Sleeved Gathered Dress – Tomato Pale Yellow

Made of certified organic cotton.

We recommend washing at 30-40 degrees on a delicate washing cycle, preferably inside out.

Please contact for further information as we’re always happy to help 😊

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92cm (18-24 months), 98cm (2-3 years), 104cm (3-4 years), 110cm (4-5 years), 116cm (5-6 years), 122cm (6-7 years), 128cm (7-8 years), 158cm (14 years ), 134cm (8-9 years), 146cm (10-11 years), 152cm (11-13 years), 140cm (9-10 years), 86cm (12-18 months), 158cm (14 years), 86cm (12-18 months), 164cm (16 years), 152cm (12-13 years)


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